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UFO Hokum – A Phenomenon Unto Itself

UFO Hokum – A Phenomenon Unto Itself

A pair of ragged claws

By Billy Cox
De Void

     May as well come right out and say this because there’s no way to soft-peddle it: De Void is flat-out envious of Taiwan-based UFO blogger Scott Waring, who claims his UFO Sightings Daily website has logged over 33,500,000 page views.

Since 2007, De Void has been attempting, at glacial speed – or sometimes, with rare flashes of motivation, at the velocity of a six-legged tortoise – to provide a bridge the mainstream media can use for a sober and/or reasoned discussion of The Great Taboo. It’s been a futile exercise, obviously, which I’d like to attribute to an inability to update my posts on a daily basis. But the sad truth of it is, I can’t touch Scott Waring; in fact, mentioning De Void in the same sentence with the guy makes me feel as scrambled as Dennis Hopper in “Apocalypse Now.”

One quick scan of Waring’s home page is all you need. The man is up there with Magellan and de Gama; he doesn’t just post UFO vids, he offers detailed explanations (“Rods are cylinder shaped creatures that range in length from about 10 cm to 10 meters, and can travel at speeds of up to 300 mph”). But that’s just for starters.

He’s found a 10 km-long mothership in the Apollo 15 photo archives and located two sculpted Martian faces resembling the ancient stone gods of Mesopotamia. Also on Mars, he shows us ape heads and snake heads, leg bones and pelvic bones, a hermit crab, a squirrel, and hieroglyphic writing. He has found Marge Simpson on the Red Planet – no, I’m not making this up, check it out your own self – plus an alien outpost near one of our rovers. And a crashed spacecraft. And the fossilized corpse of “The Fallen King of Mars,” whom he calls “esse regem Martis diceretur.” Using NASA’s own photos, he’s discovered a female Martian sentinel monitoring one of those rovers from atop a faraway hill. He points out an alien pyramid on Asteroid RQ36. He has detected ET structures on the Saturn moon Iapetus and, thanks to China’s Chang’e 2 orbiter, an alien petroglyph face on a lunar crater. He identified architecture on planet Mercury and a lunar city photographed during the top-secret Apollo 20 mission. And remember, this is in addition to spreading the word on closer-to-home UFOs, like the “Two Alien Orbs Recorded In Infrared In Military Bombing Video Of Syria.”

And yes – the MSM is slurping up Waring’s revelations like dogs on fudge.

De Void became aware of the Waring phenomenon slowly, through osmosis, like a misty drizzle so soft and fine you have no idea until you shiver to life and wonder why you’re drenched. De Void woke up soaked to the bone last year when Waring posted videos alleging UFO activity around the International Space Station. Johnson Space Center’s hometown daily, the Houston Chronicle, made mention of it in a lazy slow-news day blurb, followed by The New York Daily News, The Washington Times, CNN and eventually the entire cacophony of trashcan bangers on Fleet Street.

NASA rarely responds to queries about UFOs and so far as De Void can tell, they shrugged off Waring’s 2014 post without comment. But of course, that silence can only mean the space agency’s hiding something, right? Obviously. OK, so on Nov. 15, Waring scored an absolute coup by alleging yet another UFO photo taken aboard the ISS, which included this explanation: “(Astronaut) Scott Kelly likes to send out photos of the view from the windows of the space station … and they look cool. This one however has a cigar shaped glowing UFO with a metallic body in it. The UFO is about 25 meters long and 150-200 meters away. It looks like Scott was trying to hint at the existence of aliens. Message received Scott, and thanks.”

Never mind that regular dudes immediately began working the contrast of Kelly’s photo and discovered additional images that appeared to be glassed reflections of the space station’s interiors. Yawn. But Waring caught fire, man, thanks to the echo chamber of Fox News, Time magazine, domestic and foreign news sites De Void never heard of before, all of them airing it out with varying modes of credulity. CBS even recruited physicist Michio Kaku to tell the world why it should consider alternate possibilities.

So hell yes, I’m jealous. I know what works, finally. It’s been staring me in the face for years. What an idiot I’ve been. I’m thankful that I can see clearly now

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