Sunday, November 01, 2015

UFO Witness, Former Obama Pilot, Capt. Andy Danziger Dies

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UFO Witness, Former Obama Pilot Dies


      Veteran pilot Andy Danziger, the colorful and controversial captain who launched a Daily News aviation column, died Friday after a long battle with cancer. He was 61.

The 28-year aviator's "This is Your Captain Speaking" feature was full of intrigue, including an April story where he candidly related a UFO encounter while piloting a commercial flight in the 1980s. He also penned a hotly-debated column detailing his belief that TWA Flight 800 was shot out of the sky in 1996 and not brought down by a faulty fuel tank, as officials claim. [...]

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  1. I had thought that the flight 800 incident was a done deal, with over 200 witnesses to the missile flight that intercepted it, and lab tests showing that there was rocket fuel residue on the Passanger seats. A book was written about it that detailed the (non governmental) investigation that proved the most likely cause was a miss estimation of the altitude capability of the missile being tested by the navy, and the airliner being lower than had been expected. I guess, like the issue with Agent Orange and the Gulf War Disease, the Feds have a reluctancy to admit disasters that fall upon their shoulders.


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