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Triangular UFO Over The Bronx | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

Triangular UFO Over The Bronx - December 1958

Reader Submitted Report

      It was Christmas Eve 1958! I remember the date because I had gotten a football for Christmas! I also had just gotten an interest in astronomy.

I was walking to our family car. It was quiet in the Bronx nyc that nite, a couple of inches of snow had fallen.

The sky was clear and I was looking at the stars. I noticed one star moving very slowly. Then I realized it was not a star but a triangle shaped object lite up in the center. I stopped and stared at it for about a minute before my dad called for me to get in the car. I took my eyes for the UFO for about 30 seconds, and told my dad.

He didn't want to be bothered so when I looked up again I could not find it. I know in 1958 there were no planes close to looking like what I had just seen!

I have mostly kept quiet about seeing this UFO over the years. But, I know what I saw!!! I did check the newspapers for the next few days to see it anyone else witnessed this siting.
No, nothing was ever mentioned. I can still see it and to this day, I know what I saw!!!!!!

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