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The Roswell Slides: Analysis of The Placard Image Released By Adam Dew

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Roswell Slides Placard From Adam Dew, Rendered By Frank Warren
The image above is cropped from one of the so-called Roswell Slides, highlighting the placard, detailing the mummy exhibit associated with it, as provided by Adam Dew; the rendering was performed by Frank Warren using de-blurring and image editing software.

By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-9-15

Attempts at Due Diligence

     On February 18th, (2015) in an e-mail dialogue with Adam Dew (Slide Box Media and stated manager/controller of the Roswell Slides), I asked him if I could get hi-res copies of the infamous Roswell Slides for analysis with emphasis on the placard. I explained:
“I'm relatively certain I can put this thing to sleep, assuming I had high res scans of the slides, or at the very least a portion of them [the placard].
I further wrote:
“The slides and or portions thereof (the placard), would go no further then me; however, if permission is granted to do my own analysis, then I would request that any high res scans sent my way, be done–without any strings attached. I would want to publish my results immediately, and put it out for peer review.”
Assuming that he wouldn’t release them before the pay-to-see show in Mexico City, on the 5th (2015), my query was specific to anytime after the show (although I did make it clear I would certainly like them sooner if he was willing).

He replied that, “I don't think you'll get to see high-res scans of the full image before May 5, I do think we'll release them soon after . . .. Whatever is ripped from the live stream will likely be fairly high-quality I'm guessing.”

While I was attempting to get assurances from Dew to receive hi-res scans from him—after the 5th (2015) or sooner, my colleague, David Rudiak queried Roswell Slide promoter, Tom Carey and in part wrote (in an e-mail):
“I was hoping I could share the hi-res placard scans you sent me with Frank Warren to see what he can pull out of it. If we could read the placard, or at least parts of it, that could go a long way to answering many questions. . . Frank . . . has been investigating UFOs for 40 years. This includes being very skilled in image processing . . . and has skill sets and investigative skills I don't have. I fully trust Frank to be an honest reporter of his findings. Our primary goal should be the truth of what is depicted in the slides. If the placard can be read in part or in full, I think that will go a long way to finding the truth, whatever it is.”
According to David, Carey’s initial reply was cordial and he (Tom) conveyed that he would “present the request to the team.” The next day (March 17th 2015), the answer came sans the cordial demeanor and Carey made it clear in no uncertain terms that David was NOT to share the images with me in any form or fashion, nor to anyone else for that matter. Both David and I were dumbfounded by the tone in Tom’s response. Further attempts were made with Dew, all to no avail.

At this point, all I could do was wait for the gig in Mexico and work with one of the hi-res stills from the live stream as was being promoted (and noted by Adam Dew). Unfortunately, and with some surprise this was not to be. That is the big reveal of the pristine images never came to fruition. Instead, patrons were presented with edited images, shown in a blue cast and curiously—the placard in front of the alleged alien was bleached out.

In the aftermath of the lackluster spectacle down south and again left with nothing to work with, I fired off another e-mail to Adam Dew; in this instance the silence was deafening. At this point I made the decision to make a public appeal to all concerned, i.e., Dew, Maussan, Carey & Schmitt. Moreover, in addition to David Rudiak, I contacted colleagues Stan Friedman, Dennis Balthaser & Robert Hastings; I explained the situation and the goal of acquiring hi-res scans for analysis, along with the resistance I was encountering; I suggested forming a coalition and making a joint, public request with all the afore mentioned signatories—all hastily agreed and a draft was in the works.

The Placard is Deciphered and No One is Surprised

This brings us too yesterday (May 8th): as most of our regular readers know, Curt Collins broke the news concerning the deciphering of the placard (as seen in one of the slides). As evidenced in his article, showing the rendition—the top line clearly reads:


He further writes that the additional 3 lines render as follows:
At the time of burial the body was clothed in a xxx-xxx cotton
shirt. Burial wrappings consisted of these small cotton blankets.
Xxxxxed by the X.I. Xxxxxx, San Francisco, California.
As to the source, or provenance of the placard image Collins wrote, [that his group] “used a newly acquired source image of the placard seen in front of the body.”

Although I don’t discount the veracity of the work done, opinions matter not—as obviously without established provenance the evidence is dead on its face. Accordingly, the slide promoters apparently have seized this opportunity and with irony are suggesting that there might be malicious intent involved.

While these revelations (both publication and accusations) were gaining traction and as one might expect, creating quite a stir, something very unexpected happened . . . Adam Dew released the hi-res scans we’ve all been clamoring for at his Slide Box Media site! To his credit, he did write to me privately and stated that the slides would probably be released shortly after the event in Mexico City. Although given the reversal regarding the unfettered presentation of the slides as promised and what some have argued the obscure viewing, to be polite—Dew’s expeditious release was unforeseen. Kudos to him nevertheless!

With Dew’s release, we can now remove any questionable provenance; using his image I performed a hasty rendering of the placard employing de-blurring software, i.e., ®SmartDeblur 2.3 and Corel PaintShop Pro X7 to be exact.

The image was reduced in size, both in dimension and DPI before processing and to provide two examples. Although further work will continue as time permits, the goal here was to at the very least render the top line legible posthaste, in order to quash any notion of malfeasance, given Adam Dew is the source of the medium. The top line clearly reads: MUMMIFIED BODY OF TWO YEAR OLD BOY (See above top and below).

Second, larger rendering of the placard seen in the so-called Roswell Slides
This is the second larger image, cropped from one of the so-called Roswell Slides, highlighting the placard, detailing the mummy exhibit associated with it, as provided by Adam Dew; the rendering was performed by Frank Warren using de-blurring and image editing software. Illustrations of the text were added for clarity.

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  1. Well done with this Frank, that now makes at least 3 independent sources who have all come to the same conclusion regarding the writing the placard.

    1. Thanks Philip. Now that the mummy has been identified, we should be able to decipher the placard in its entirety.


  2. > Adam Dew released the hi-res scans

    That is not a hi-res scan.

    1. Mornin' Terry,

      Although I haven't checked recently, Dew initially released the placard in this resolution: 6598 X 5701 @ 300 DPI.


    2. I am no expert, but isn't 300 DPI rather average resolution for photgraphic images? It's very good for eBay but seems low for image analysis. (I am speculating -- I just scan book covers and old magazine articles.)

      Cristian Contini claims Dew gave him a 2.74 GB image of an entire slide (I have no idea what the DPI works out to be). Did you get anything approaching that from Dew?

    3. Hi Terry,

      300 DPI is considered high res (certainly not the highest); for example most web graphics/photos online are 72 DPI.

      For clarity Contini received his image from Maussan and guestimating the fraction of the cropped image, if his figure is right is is a much larger file then the one Dew posted.

      FYI: Something I didn't pay attention too until this conversation–the image Dew posted is the 2nd slide with the man in the background, not the woman.

      Additionally, in writing the article above my thoughts were on context; for example I had attempted to render screen grabs (from the documentary) of the placard using SmartDeblur months ago without success. There wasn't enough data in the images under those circumstances to work with and it wasn't until Dew posted the (cropped) high res scan in where I found a measure of success. (Which was done in haste, quite literally in minutes).

      The importance of the Dew release was two-fold: one, the image was large enough to work with and two–provenance was/is established.



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