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Roswell Slides Update: Mummy is Identified; Mea Culpa Issued and Blame Game Begins

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Roswell Slides Update: Mummy is Identified; Mea Culpa Issued and Blame Game Begins

Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles
© 5-10-15

Roswell Slide Promoters (Ironically) Suggest Fraud

      On May 8th (2015) Curt Collins ( broke the story concerning the deciphering of the placard seen in the infamous so-called Roswell Alien Slides. To no one’s surprise it described a child mummy with the top line entitled:


He and his group employed off the shelf deblurring software to render the text legible. Within 24-48 hours two of the Roswell Alien Slide promoters, Anthony Bragalia and Adam Dew penned articles suggesting possible fraud or malicious intent. Bragalia in part wrote:
". . . evidence is now accumulating that rabid slide-skeptics may have even committed photo-fraud to discredit these slides. They have voiced concerns that the being depicted is a child mummy in a museum and are apparently willing to do anything to make their point."
To his credit, Adam Dew finally released (May 9th) a hi-res scan of the placard (cropped from the full image) depicted in one of the slides thus eliminating any questionable provenance pertaining to analysis done on the slide and in this instance the rendering of the text—proving that the alleged alien body is in fact a child mummy. It was that image that I used to do my own processing and rendering, or more specifically the text in said image which of course concurred with Collins’ findings.

Dew unfortunately didn’t leave it there, as in short order, he, like Bragalia posted similar sentiments, which included before and after shots of Collins’ depiction of the placard, along with a caption that read (over the “before” image):
"The 'Roswell Slides Research Group' fake placard."
He further wrote:
“We suspect that they created their own modified version. Anyone looking carefully can see by comparing. The actual version has not yet been actually deblurred but we can see that all the text is hand written in a cursive script.”
For those of you have been following this farce for the last two years, I’m sure you see the humor and great irony in the criticism.

Sorry Mummy, I Was Wrong But . . .

In any event, before end of business on the 9th (5-9-2015) researcher Isaac Koi put together How To Instructions, entitled, “Roswell Slides - Solve the mystery at home in 1.5 Minutes.” Here he gave step-by-step instructions in how to use the deblur software on Adam Dew’s released placard image, thus removing any confusion and or doubts as what the text really says and finally, showing that the process is easily reproducible.

As of today, in the face of indisputable evidence Anthony Bragalia has reversed course offering up a Mea Culpa along with an apology. Oddly the apology wasn’t directed to colleagues in Ufology and or UFO enthusiasts who have been the recipients of his proclamations of proof of alien beings ala Roswell by way of these slides (for almost two years). Nor was the apology directed to the public who might have been taken in by this codswallop or at the folks who spent money on the promise of seeing real life pictures of an alien during the shindig in Mexico City. It was instead to the mummy itself (yes, really).

Along with the public penance, came a defense for himself, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt; Adam Dew on the other hand was seemingly thrown under the bus.

Bragalia in part wrote:
“The word ‘hoax’ has been used to describe the ‘Roswell Slides’ saga. It was not. At least, the principal investigators, Tom Carey, Don Schmitt, and I did not knowingly fake or obfuscate anything. No matter, it is a serious case of mistaken identity, the consequences of which I fully accept.

I was told that the best-available, highest resolution images of the placard were provided by the co-owner of the slides, Mr. Adam Dew, and given to world-class photo experts including Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth in NY (who conducted analysis on the Shroud of Turin) and Colonel Jeffrey Thau (who sent them to the Pentagon’s Photo Interpretation Department.) Despite the application of the best de-blurring software in the world, they were unable to read the words on the placard with any definitiveness.

I can only surmise that Mr. Adam Dew did not provide to these experts the highest-resolution images of the slides. Why he did not, I cannot be certain. But Adam Dew has to this very day not yet publicly provided the crystal-clear slide images that I know exist.”
As of today there has been no word from Dew, Maussan, Schmitt or Carey.

Regarding the mummy: it was part of the S. L. Palmer collection, originally excavated by him in 1896 at Camp Verde / Montzuma Castle, Arizona. Palmer’s son in the late ‘30’s loaned the child mummy and other artifacts to the (then) Mesa Verde Museum in Colorado, this is where the infamous photographs/slides were taken although it is not known by whom.

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