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Concealing the Truth About Roswell

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Walter Haut, Col. Thomas Dubose, Lt. Robert Shirkey (Ret)
Walter Haut,                               Col. Thomas Dubose,                Lt. Robert Shirkey (Ret)

By Dennis Balthaser
The UFO Chronicles

      When doing Roswell UFO Tours with people from all over the world, I’m usually asked the same questions by most of them about concealment of information about Roswell. They have a hard time understanding why after 68 years are those still alive that were involved afraid to come forward with information about what transpired here in July 1947. They also ask why the military and certain government officials are still covering it up. Many also want to know if there were other crashes or events that have also been covered up over the years.

Pertaining to those that were involved with Roswell and are still alive, one has to realize that those individuals would probably be in their 80’s or 90’s today, having been in their 20’s and 30’s when Roswell occurred. That group is fading fast, as time takes its toll on them, and we’re losing first-hand witnesses at an alarming rate. I believe however, that there are several reasons why they won’t come forward and share what they know.

Threats against people and organizations were real back then, and those still alive are well aware of them, (threatening someone’s life over a weather balloon has never made any sense to me). If those involved were career military people, they probably can’t afford to loose that small military retirement they receive, and finally, more than likely they are afraid for their safety and their family’s safety. Over the years there have been accounts of whole families being threatened.

Things were a lot different in 1947, with people respecting the military and government officials only 2 years after WWII ended, when Roswell occurred. Young people I’ve met particularly have a problem understanding how different things were back then, and many of those sworn to secrecy then, have continued to maintain that secrecy after all these years have passed. I sometimes refer to that as respect to those in charge back then, when respect was earned, and for the most part doesn’t exist today, due to our government leaders no longer being respected.

As a last resort, I remain hopeful that those of us that continue to do Roswell research will be able to obtain a few more deathbed confessions or affidavits from those few individuals still alive before they are also gone. Losing first-hand witnesses is becoming a major problem today as we run out of witnesses. Perhaps that’s the government plan---hold out until all the first hand witnesses are gone, and we’ll have no one to talk to.

A few affidavits we have obtained included an affidavit by Brigadier General Thomas Dubose, signed Sept. 16, 1991, in which he stated that when he served as Chief of Staff to Major General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth Texas in July 1947, the material shown in the photographs taken in Maj. Gen Ramey’s office was a weather balloon explanation for the material was a cover story to divert the attention of the press.

In 1998, historical researcher Wendy Connors and I obtained a copyrighted video recording of Walter Haut, the Roswell Army Airfield Public Relations officer in 1947, in which he stated that he had seen a body in Hangar 84 at the base. Researchers Schmitt and Carey later obtained an affidavit from Haut with similar information.

I personally interviewed retired 1st Lt. Robert Shirkey in 2000, and submitted FOIA requests to the Military Records Center in St Louis, Missouri, to confirm that he had been suddenly shipped out from Roswell Army Airfield to the Philippines, 9 days after he had witnessed debris being loaded in airplanes destined for Fort Worth Texas and Wright Field in Dayton Ohio. His military records never indicated he had been transferred. In April 1991, Shirkey prepared an affidavit stating, “ As Assistant Safety Officer with the 509th Group, Base Commander Col. Blanchard requested I prepare a B-29 as soon as possible to take what I believed was debris from a crashed flying saucer to Fort Worth Texas. Several days later, a B-25 was scheduled to take something to Fort Worth. The third airplane during that time was a B-29 piloted by Oliver W. “Pappy”Henderson directly to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio.”

The Corn ranch site, north of town, was promoted as an alleged crash site years ago, however, in 1947 it was owned and had been homesteaded many years earlier by the McKnight family. In February 1997 I obtained an affidavit from two of the sons of the McKnight’s in which they informed me, “No one in my family had any knowledge of such a [UFO] crash or military retrieval…I cannot believe that a convoy of Army trucks and cars could have come and gone without them noticing. If they had seen it they would have told us about it.” To this day I don’t have any verification that anything happened at the Corn ranch site, and continue to support the Foster ranch site where ranch foreman “Mack” Brazel found debris. He later reported it to the local sheriff, and the military became involved.

Pertaining to the cover-up by the military and government, I believe our government will not admit to anything they can’t control, and obviously UFO sightings and crashes can’t be controlled by our government or military. Many of us believe this has been going on for longer than Roswell, and that it continues to this day while our leaders and military can’t do anything about it. In most cases they say it doesn’t exist, or it is a weather balloon misidentified by credible witnesses. Some day those in authority will have to admit that UFO’s are real and that we have been lied to for some 68 years or more. I don’t anticipate that happening in my lifetime due to my current age, but I’m hopeful that our children or grandchildren will someday know the truth. They deserve to know the truth.

The final question, have there been other crashes, sightings, or UFO events reported at other locations, the answer is a resounding yes. However, I believe the military and government learned from the Roswell crash that it is not a good idea to go public with the information as they did with Roswell in 1947. We’ve had 4 excuses during the 68 years since Roswell occurred and many of us still believe we haven’t been told the truth.

A few of those other incidents occurred at Aztec, New Mexico in March 1948; Socorro, New Mexico, on April 24, 1964; Travis Walton’s “Fire in the Sky” in Arizona on November 5, 1975; the Barney and Betty Hill abduction September 19, 1961; the Washington, D.C. invasion in July, 1952; and the Phoenix lights in March, 1997, to mention a few.

There are many others which continue to be researched, as well, such as Ubatuba Brazil, Sept. 14, 1957; Kingman Arizona, May 21, 1953; Kecksburg Pennsylvania, Dec. 9, 1965; Aurora Texas, April 17, 1897; and Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk England, Dec. 1980.

Credible researchers will continue to investigate these cases and eventually someone in authority will have to come forward and admit that UFOs are real.

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