Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Official Government UFO Reports

Official Government UFO Reports

By Mark Newton

     . . . UFOs may just be a mystery to solve, to politicians and military officers they represent a potential threat to national security. Due to this, many states around the world have implemented their own in-depth investigations into the phenomenon. Some of them aren't quite ready to officially announce the existence of aliens just yet, however their findings are certainly interesting. Find out about some of the major UFO files below:
1. Flying Saucer Working Party - United Kingdom

The British became interested in UFOs soon after the Second World War. Hidden amongst the chaos of that conflict were strange reports of unidentified craft which would often tail or appear around military aircraft. Dubbed 'Foo Fighters' by pilots, the Royal Air Force and Ministry of Defence were eager to ascertain if these unidentified craft a) actually existed, b) were some kind of threat, and c) were extraterrestrial in origin.

The Flying Saucer Working Party (FSWP) was established in 1950 and consisted of five members, all of which were experts from technical branches of the Air Ministry, Admiralty, War Office and Ministry of Defence. . . .

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