Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Unknowns Entered Earth Orbit, Hover Over Former Soviet Union | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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By Simone Charisse Mendez
The UFO Chronicles

     This story of mine has been around -in- somewhat of Ufology, since about 1990, but in 2015, it's still fairly obscure.

So my name is Miss Simone Charisse Mendez, I am a female USAF veteran. I served active duty enlisted during the 1980's.

I was assigned to Nellis AFB in Nevada, to conduct cryptographic message center work, pertaining to certain satellites. One day, I came into possession of a printout carbon copy, which detailed how a cluster of unknowns entered earth orbit from outside the solar system, then 3 of them went into Moscow USSR and hovered around there, for about an hour, by their international airport area, and all this was tracked by NORAD and AWACS.

I had a reason at that time, which made me believe I could keep this carbon copy and not get found out and in trouble … but I got found out, and in trouble—tremendously so!

The AFOSI and FBI were treating me as a possible perpetrator of espionage, and from January 1982, to June, I was experiencing questionings, polygraphs, searches, and a hospitalization.

After July of 1982, my trouble completely ended; in 1983 through 1984, I was working in an un-sensitive job on that base, as if nothing weird and terrible, ever occurred.

At the beginning of all that investigation, I was told 'my' document was a fabrication. Which makes this incident so much more curious; that would be established before those months of inquisition, not near or at the end of it.

What influenced me to such risky decision, was that in the late 1970's, as a very young civilian in my hometown, I experienced several dramatic sightings, some, with a then-friend, and I made some detailed illustrations from memory, per my artistic propensity. The friend and I also experienced what could be surmised as 'MIBs'. A couple years ago or thereabouts, I submitted a sightings report to Peter Davenport's NUFORC, where it resides, for the record.

I left military service early in 1988 and went back to my home state. From there, in the early 1990's, I experienced another round of X-Files like occurrences. I had requested and received my federal files on the a fore mentioned UFO-trouble in 4 packages—it was/is quite revealing, surprisingly.

In October of 1990, a flurry of press articles appeared via miscellaneous sources, saying that my given name is a national security code word, they told some of President Bush's associates, following a session of "reverse speech." I know, that’s bizarre, and it's a bizarre 'coincidence.’

At that time -also-, a mysterious crop circle appeared in my area, and I have photos, of me and some then MUFONers in and about that formation.

In 1993, a film crew from the then-TV series 'Sightings', traveled from Los Angeles to interview me about my Air Force incident, and this visit was one whole long day, but I never heard\saw anything further, about the interview. I have (have kept) photos of that ordeal. I like to meticulously obtain and keep, hard documentation, of matters which would -otherwise- be wild yarns without such.

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