Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"The Road to UFO Credibility is Filled with Detours" | Video

"The Road to UFO Credibility Filled with Detours"

Mysterious Glowing Orb Emerges From Crashing UFO (At Least On YouTube)

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     A very unusual UFO video has appeared on YouTube. It looks like a fireball -- an exceptionally large, bright meteor, or space debris -- blazing through the night sky, leaving a long, brilliant trail behind it.

As the following video shows, a mysterious circular orb appears to eject from the main object. But the orb doesn't travel the same downward path of the meteor -- rather, it appears to almost deliberately fly off in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, it has all the telltale signs of being a hoax. Key details were missing. The person who posted the video refused to comment on it, and a video analyst who spoke with the Huffington Post believes that at least part of the recording may have been doctored. . . .

. . . The videographer, Ken Roberts, posted the incident to YouTube on Jan. 5 with the following description:
"I was driving home after work when this UFO or whatever you call it caught my eye. I pulled over in front of somebody's house to film it. I would have got a better shot but I didn't want to jump these peoples fence. Anyway I don't know what the hell to make of it. Couldn't have been a plane cause there was no noise. And I never heard a crash after either. The Orb thing flew straight up into the sky and disappeared. Sorry I didn't film that. I didn't know what to focus my attention on."
Except for that short narrative, Roberts casually mentions the incident happened in Southern California.

When we asked Roberts if he could simply provide us with the exact location, date and time of the event, he declined, telling us, "No thanks. I've had enough of this already."

The road to UFO credibility is often filled with detours. This is such a case. . . .

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