Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Motorists Report Mystery Light & Missing Time | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

UFO Spotted On Lonely Road in Nevada

By Tom and Julia S.

     It was during the late 1980’s just after my wife and I were married. We planned a trip to my ex in laws small ranch in the middle of Gabbs Valley NV. With no one there at the time, it would be a perfect getaway for the both of us.

After work we loaded up the Ranchero pickup with what we needed to take and we planned to be there later that night. Driving along highway 50 we turned off the road toward Gabbs on to route 361. It was dark by then and uneventful until my wife pointed out a bright light on the right side of the truck just above the hills.

At first I thought it may be a helicopter with a light on. So I decided to pull over and get a better look. Being an Air Force Vietnam veteran working on the flight line, I had seen 1,000’s of planes coming and going both day and night. For some reason, the light didn’t look right to me and without any sound like a helicopter flying low.

The last thing I remember was turning off the truck and getting out. Then there we were, me sitting behind the wheel, driving on the road with my wife next to me with both of us wondering what we saw and why we couldn’t remember anything after I got out of the truck. There is no way to tell how much time had passed as we were not meeting anyone upon our arrival.

After we got to the house in Gabbs Valley, we unpacked and went to sleep. To this day, we still wonder what happened during the time we couldn’t remember.

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