Friday, November 28, 2014

"U.S. Nuclear Arms are the Subject of Ongoing UFO Surveillance" | VIDEO

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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

If you want it done right

By Billy Cox
De Void

    Imagine sitting on better than 40 years of research about UFOs monitoring and perhaps even penetrating U.S. nuclear missile systems. You’ve got more than 150 military veterans on record with eyewitness testimony. You’ve written a book and even arranged a 2010 press conference involving seven of these guys in Washington, D.C. CNN live-streams their accounts of what they saw tampering with America's WMD. CNN does no followup reporting. The rest of the indifferent MSM shrugs it off.

You’ve got the likes of Discovery Channel and History Channel wanting to produce your material. But you say no. To every one of them. Thirteen times you say no, because you’re afraid they’ll screw it up, the way they usually screw up UFO stories, burying it beneath lots of stagey cheese and melodrama. “Or they’ll pair good data with bad or questionable data that’ll wind up getting exposed as a fraud or less than credible,” says veteran sleuth Robert Hastings, who was unable to secure final-cut approval from the cable suitors. “Hollywood doesn’t know how to differentiate, and people are constantly appalled at how silly and slipshod these documentaries are.”

So this time, the author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites is doing it himself, more or less. With a major assist from an unnamed benefactor, Hastings has invested $100,000 in a documentary aspiring for a Frontline-like PBS tone. It's 90 percent complete, and you can judge the 5 1/2-minute long trailer for yourself:

But here's the tricky part: post-production.

Does anyone remember the last time Frontline used special effects to tell a story? Unfortunately, addressing UFOs in a visual narrative almost inevitably calls for illustrations. He's pretty sure he's got the right balance, but there are also audio issues to tend to, original soundtracking vs. canned music, cleaning up background distractions. In short, he's about $25,000 shy of polishing the thing off. Hastings says he considered going the crowd-funding route but determined that for as little as he needed, the process would be too cumbersome. So he's asking sympathetic parties to kick in at his website.

Hastings' documentary will put a dozen veterans on camera to share their stories, mostly from the 1960s and '70s, about repeated UFO incursions into restricted air space above the most destructive weapons in the history of warfare, but those testimonies will barely scratch the surface. Not only do UFOs appear to have been involved in the missile shutdowns, imagine this scenario -- recently brought to Hastings' attention by a retired launch control officer -- from 1974. "A glowing UFO hovering over one of the facilities actually started a missile launch activation sequence," says Hastings. The USAF veteran told him they had to throw an inhibit switch twice to override this apparent attempt to hijack the control board. Eventually the missiles went off-line.

"The maintenance guys who went down the next day said the circuits had been fried, they were literally melted by exposure to heat," Hastings says. Having signed a security oath, this particular eyewitness is declining to go public with his name, but Hastings says the guy's DD-214 discharge papers put him in the right place at the right time.

More broadly, Hastings hopes his documentary conveys the idea that -- above and beyond a Cold War aberration -- U.S. nuclear arms are the subject of ongoing UFO surveillance. As recently as 2013, Montana residents logged reports of UFO activity around Malmstrom AFB.

"I don't think they're trying to start World War III. They seem to be more interested in shutting down our missiles," Hastings reflected on that 40-year-old incident. "I think they activated the launch sequence just to see how it worked."

But as always, the question remains: Even if Hastings builds a strong case, will anyone -- particularly congressional chickenhawks -- tune in? Or care?

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