Thursday, October 16, 2014

Campers Encounter UFO at Ground Level

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Campers Encounter UFO at Ground Level

Campers Encounter UFO at Ground Level

By Roger Marsh

     Three South Dakota campers in Black Hills National Forest reported encountering a glowing UFO that moved toward them at ground level, according to testimony in Case 60560 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. . . .

. . . The witness first noticed the UFO as looking like a bright star.

“As I was looking towards the horizon, I noticed a very unusually large star giving off a lot of light. It was just above the horizon and visible through the trees. It appeared to be hovering in place, but as it clearly was moving I figured it had to be a plane.”

But now the hovering object appeared to be moving.

“But as I watched it as best I could through the forest, I noticed it was clearly changing its path and trajectory. It was ascending and descending, shooting left, stopping, hovering, and zooming left and up again. I pointed this out to my two buddies. I shined the flash light on it and said – there’s no-way that could be a plane. We were all observing the object now. It was obviously under some kind of intelligent control, but wasn’t making a sound.”

One of the campers suggested they turn down their music to hear the object.

“As we did that, the UFO started to descend. It was now below the tree line and began to come closer. I’m shining my light on it when the fear set in that this was not something that we could explain.” . . .

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