Wednesday, September 17, 2014

UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, Colorado | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, Colorado (Cropped 400 px) 9-13-14

UFO Triangle Recorded Over Pagosa Springs, Colorado 9-13-14

Reader Submitted Report

     Last night, sept 13,2014 around 7 pm in pagosa springs colorado:

Spotted large and very bright stationary object in light sky

After driving about 30 mins, we drove past hunters on the side of the road that had binoculars and a hunting scope. At that point of time, the lights had turned orange red and through the binocs it looked like a triangle. When the scope came out, it was no longer visible from the naked eye. But this is what I caught from my iPhone camera: (see above)


  1. I watched what appeared to be a grey triangle over the sea but it had no hull and produced no wake, approx 50-70 feet long.I pointed it out to my friend and then we watched it rise slowly into the air then head vertically into the clouds and it was surreal because their was lots of people their but they didn't see what was clearly an unknown craft.

  2. I live in Pagosa Springs and happened to visit a bar where I always get pineapple juice mixed with cranberry juice. The bartender has been there for years and whenever I try to talk about anything to do with events outside his normal reality, HE ALWAYS POOH POOHS ME and calls me a Conspiracy nut.

    The other day, I stopped in after checking on my jewelry sales, as usual, and he was all hyper and upset. He said he had seen a UFO right on Hwy 84 and it followed his car. For him, that was a huge event and he was beside himself, as it totally threw him into "cognitive dissonance". He could no longer deny all that he had been denying. That was why he was so upset and he kept telling the same story over and over, as if he didn't believe it himself and he had to relive it to prove to himself he saw what he saw.

    I had to tell him that the USA navy space division had a fleet of UFO's up in space, and the biggest one was the size of an aircraft carrier. He was almost relieved. I explained that the Cabal, in a 1966 Iron Mountain report sited UFO'S as a trigger for globalizing, and that may well be ONE of the explanations for what he saw. By the same token Pagosa had become the new area 51 with military experiments in space vehicles, etc.

    On the other hand, Pagosa is only 40 or so miles from Dulce and the highway leading to it was where he saw the UFO. So who knows. Will keep you informed as we get more local news here.


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