Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Additional UFO ‘X Files’ Uncovered in UK

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Nick Pope

UK Government To Disclose UFO ‘X Files’ Says Ex-MoD Official

By Sasha Sutton
Accounts of UFOs and other-worldly goings on are usually hidden from the public domain by governments, but reports have recently revealed that the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) will declassify more of its X Files and make them publicly available on the National Archives. Ex-MoD official Nick Pope has said this is 'hugely embarrassing' for the government after failing to fulfill its promise to the nation.

     The Mirror reports that the government department had previously promised to disclose all by June last year, however this was not the case as it has a further 18 files, which the public will be able to access by September next year.

Former MoD official who used to run the UFO project, and Neon Nettle correspondent Nick Pope said, “This is a hugely embarrassing situation for the government. Last summer they told the media and the public that yes, this was absolutely all the UFO files and there was a big fanfare about this being the end of a five year programme to declassify and release the entire archive. Now they say, 'Oh, wait a minute, we've found a whole bunch of further UFO files'”. . . .

. . . they include ones from air defence specialists whose task, in relation to the MoD’s UFO investigations, was to determine whether visual sightings could be corroborated by radar evidence.

“There are also some files from one of the most secret parts of the MoD, the Defence Intelligence Staff. Ironically, there are even files about the release of the UFO files themselves, as staff discuss copyright and other legal issues arising from publishing material (including photographs and videos) sent in by members of the public”, Pope added. . . .

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