Thursday, July 31, 2014

UFO Reports / Tweets Spurred by Drone Filming Fireworks Display | VIDEO

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By Frank Warren
The UFO Chronicles

     YouTuber Don Hough published a video on July 29th (2014) entitled, “UFO's over Deal Kent”; shortly thereafter it permeated the twitterverse.

The video merely, stated, “UFO spotted over Deal beach, Kent during a firework display on Friday evening 27th July 2014.” In it we see an object rise above the explosions and beautiful visuals of the fireworks and then slowly move down again, seemingly blinking as it navigated the area. The video is over 6 minutes long.

As the Twitter chatter carried on, Jamie Culver tweeted the following:

Taking Culver's advice we find the YouTube account, labeled "Adam Dark" and there we see a video, entitled, "July 27 Deal Fireworks. Drone captures Deal Fireworks and Funfair." In this instance we get the bird's eye view of the fireworks exploding at altitude, yet another example of creative use of aerial drones.

From the drone's perspective we can imagine Don Hough and family down below in the darkness simultaneously filming the fireworks and this unknown object.

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