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The Chilean Collahuasi UFO Case – Official Photographic Analysis/Report (English)

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The Chilean Collahuasi UFO Case – Official Photographic Analysis/Report (English)

The Collahuasi Case

By Comité de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos
July 2014
(Translation By Scott Corrales)

      In Mid-2013, several witnesses observed an unusual phenomenon for a couple of hours from their place of work - the Collahuasi Mining Company - at an elevation of 4300 meters. They took several photographs and did not wish to delve further into the matter. Over time, two photographs were delivered to the group leader and he forwarded them to CEFAA, ascertaining that the participants were professionals in the fields of electricity, electronics and fluid control, all of them endowed with highly pragmatic mindsets. They described the phenomenon as a brilliant, flattened disk with an approximate diameter of between 5 to 10 meters. It made rising, descending and horizontal motions in short segments some 600 meters over the surface. At times it could be clearly seen as a disk, later adopting the shape of a shining balloon, although the most evident shape was that of a silvery, fixed and static disk. The witnesses were left with the impression that the movements were associated to a given control. Weather conditions were outstanding. Evidence was analyzed by a meteorologist, who discarded the possibility of lenticular cloud formation. An expert in image analysis (whose full study is provided in this site) concluded that the photographs correspond to an object that has not been identified.

These are two images taken by a Samsung Kenox 5860. According to the story, the object remained over the area for a couple of hours.

The object to be analyzed is marked by a red circle (central area). The photos were taken outdoors, according to the witness.

Image#1: SDC15253 (1) JPG
Image #1: SDC15253 (1)

Collahuasi Case – Image No.2 SDC15254
Image #2: SDC15254

The photos were taken around noon, judging by the shadows being cast.

Analysis of image #1 SDC15253(1)

An enhancement of the object to be analyzed follows, and several filters were applied to highlight details:

Analysis of image no. 1 SDC15253

Analysis of image #1 SDC15253 (2)

The filters highlight the object's consistency and solidity.

Image no. 1 SDC15253 Enhanced

This image - debugged and improved - allows us to see an apparently solid object reflecting sunlight.

Image no. 1 SDC15253 Enhanced (2)

The reflection on the object's surface gives the impression that it could be self-generated more than a reflection of sunlight by virtue of its intensity (the reflection area appears completely dark in the filtered images, indicating that its temperature is very high).

Analysis of Image#2 SDC15254

Next, an enhancement of the object to be analyzed was made and several filters were applied to highlight details that may assist in explaining the object:

Analysis of Image #2 SDC15254

Analysis of Image #2 SDC15254 (2)

The various filters show the existence of 2 clearly defined areas, one shaped like a circular ring in the perimeter and half-sphere in the central area.

Both areas have different tones. The half-sphere presents an extremely powerful luminosity, always appearing as "white" or "black" without going through other tones. In other words, the CCD becomes saturated, taking the maximum white value, which is not the case with the ring, whose tone varies when different filters are employed.

Analysis of Image #2 SDC15254 (3)

It is even possible to see 4 luminous rays - very dim and hard to see and highlight with filters - but they exist, meaning they have their origin in a very powerful source of energy that can be seen in broad daylight. No solid areas can be seen, possibly due to the high luminosity issued by the object. The object emits luminous energy and does not reflect the Sun. Furthermore, the luminosity appears to originate from the lower part of the object, which should be in "shadow".


It is an extremely interesting object or phenomenon, and as such, would be classified as a UFO.

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