Sunday, June 08, 2014

UFO Videotaped Over La Serena, Chile | VIDEO

UFO Videotaped Over La Serena

By Inexplicata

     Everyone knows that the region has a record of unidentified flying object manifestations in different locations, particularly the local valleys. However, the UFO captured on video by local youths was recorded from La Serena's Avenida del Mar.

It is possible to see a small yellow light maneuvering in the sky in these images, moving in different directions in a matter of seconds. During nearly three minutes of recording, the youths exchange opinions about the phenomenon that has appeared before their eyes.

[Three or four boys express admiration - in colorful and profane language - at the beginning of the video. At one point (1:18) one voice remarks that the light "has landed on an empty lot on the beach". It can then be seen rising up into the air again - SC]

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