Thursday, May 22, 2014

UFOs Sightings Sure To Increase as U.S. Company To Build Flying Saucers

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UFOs Sightings Sure To Increase as U.S. Company To Build Flying Saucers


    BROOKSVILLE — Imagine someday going into your yard or driveway, hopping into your George Jetson-style flying saucer and lifting off vertically as you head to work.

To some, such a scenario is pure science fiction, but to a consortium of seasoned aviation minds, including those who run Brooksville’s Corporate Jet Solutions, it’s no pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

Located at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport, Corporate Jet Solutions recently inked a joint-venture agreement with Aerobat Aviation, a California company with plans, someday soon, to launch a manned flying saucer-like aircraft known as Geobat FS-7.

Unmanned prototypes of the aircraft have been made and tested in Brooksville and at Georgia Tech and Auburn University, where wind-tunnel tests were conducted.

“We are building a saucer plane,” said Bradley Dye, vice president of Corporate Jet Solutions and Dyenamic Aviation, which are owned by his son, Tony Dye. “You’ve seen ‘The Jetsons’ (cartoon)? It kind of looks like that.”

Dye said the companies are working to have saucers ready for the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Airventure Oshkosh event held July 28 to Aug. 3 in Oshkosh, Wis. The event draws aviation enthusiasts and companies from around the globe. In Oshkosh, Bradley Dye and Travis Shannon, chief executive officer of Aerobat Aviation, expect the saucer plane to elicit great interest. . . .

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