Saturday, May 31, 2014

UFO’s In Ontario? Flashes Over Orangeville

UFO’s In Ontario? Flashes Over Orangeville

By Sean Lennox

     Reports came flooding into police, firefighters, news services, and social media throughout Southern Ontario recently of a very bright light streaking across the sky, followed by an extremely loud boom. According to experts like Peter Brown of The University of Western Ontario the descriptions from these witnesses certainly line up with the characteristics of a Meteor.

Although most of the Meteor tracking equipment at the university was not in operation at the time since the phenomena occurred on a Sunday, there was a shock wave detected. That confirmation combined with the eyewitnesses describing a flash that was about as bright as lightning, and a boom that was more like an explosion than thunder, definitely makes a meteor the most likely candidate. An investigation will certainly be under way to confirm this hypothesis; with Brown estimating in the interview that this theoretical meteor could possibly be as large as a meter. With a meteor that large, there is a good chance that meteorite fragments could be found in the area near Orangeville. . . .

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