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Large, Triangular UFO Spotted Over Portreath, UK | UFO NEWS

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Large, Triangular UFO Spotted Over Portreath, UK 4-23-14

By WBEsme

     AN UNIDENTIFIED flying object (UFO) was spotted by several people in the skies above Portreath last night.

The mystery object, which has been described as “quite large” and “triangular”, was spotted around 11pm by households in the Porthreath and Helston areas. . . .

. . . Mr Gillham said: ““It had a lot of white lights at the front but none that I could see at the back.

“It came from the Porthreath area and very slowly and quieter than a helicopter or plane [and] headed towards Helston.

“It was definitely not a helicopter or plane.

“It was quite clearly visible to the naked eye but not on my camera phone.”

One witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, had an eerie experience after attempting to capture the UFO on her camera phone.

She said: “It was an odd shape, very bright and quieter than normal. It was not an aeroplane or helicopter

“I videoed it, watched it [and] went inside and next morning it was gone from my phone. Just a mass of bright light." . . .


  1. I wonder why it disappeared off her camera?

  2. If an object appears as a mass of white light on a digital camera then the object is emitting infra-red light. This is not visible to the naked eye, but will light up the light sensor on a digital camera.

    It would be a good way of cloaking a craft so that no photographs could be taken of it.


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