Tuesday, March 04, 2014

UFO Followed by Helicopter Over Anaheim Hills, Ca? | VIDEO

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UFO Followed by Helicopter Over Anaheim Hills, Ca 2-27-14


     I heard a military helicopter coming from the east at about 7:30 p.m. February 27th 2014 in Anaheim Hills, California. A large bright white orb was being followed or escorted by some type of military helicopter. The path was mostly straight with only the sound of the one helicopter heard. Then both went over head and continued west. The front white glowing orb slowly vanished from view as I caught it all on video. Then the object seemed to have jumped to the right hand side of the sky instantly; being seen glowing in the clouds that are due for rain. Helicopter continued until out of sight on its own. . . .

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  1. HAI HELI-EXPO | Anaheim, CA | Feb 24–27 | Exhibits Open Feb 25–27 ... just saying that you saw several objects that were leaving the convention in Anaheim..at the same time, I saw the very same 2, copters coming from the east to the west over fullerton .


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