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School Children Witness Saucer-Shaped UFOs During Recess | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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By Dan Erdman
The UFO Chronicles

Editor's Note: Dan reached out to us after reading the Air Intelligence Information [UFO] Report (1951) concerning F86 Fighter Jets being scrambled to investigate reports of UFOs over Long Beach, California. We tip our hats to him for sharing his mother's sighting–FW

     First off I would Like to say that this is not my story but one told by my now deceased mother. As she related it to me the story goes as follows:

In 1951 in Long Beach California she was at school and on recess and playing as kids do. At some point during this time every ones attention was taken skyward. Whether it was someone pointing and saying look she could not recall. Anyway, she said over the top of all of them was a half a dozen UFOs. No higher then just above the nearby tree tops.

The description that she gave was that they looked like two thin saucer plates on top of each other and about the size of a large car. Slightly curved on the top and bottom. Discs basically with a bulge at the top and bottom perfectly symmetrical. There appeared to be no seams, no doors, no windows, or markings of any sort. The color was described as a metallic dull platinum. She said they sat there for several minutes and never moved. Almost like they were a part of the sky. There was also no noise whatsoever.

At some point, she said they raised very high into the air and then formed a "V" shaped formation and shot across the horizon and out of view in a couple seconds. Again no noise and no sonic boom and I have no idea how fast that kind of speed is. She said they were almost instant pinpoints as far away as you could see.

After that she stated that the teacher said that they were not allowed to talk about what they saw at school. I asked her if at any point was she afraid and she said no we just all kind of stood there dumb founded and awestruck.

I can remember trying to put my mom on the spot in front of my grandmother and I asked her if she remembered mom talking about UFOs as a kid when they lived in California. She said "Ooooh yeah that's all your mother talked about for months." I remember grandma saying she didn't believe in that kind of stuff and chuckled. My grandmothers account of what mom said matched though.

Over the years we would talk about it here and there and the story never changed. In fact she talked about it until the day she died. An experience as a young kid that she said was just like yesterday it was so vivid you would never forget it. She said it completely changed her ideas on religion and life at a young age. She believed in a form of a higher power though and always said in no way shape or form did she believe what she saw was from this planet or man-made.

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  1. How funny. I was young, and heading for the New Disneyland when ever Disneyland first opened. We were so excited my brother, and I was of coarse fighting, and making all sports of noise with my brother, my mom was nervous of coarse. My dad was cool. Then all of a sudden my dad told my mom look,most of the cars on the freeway were stopped, and my dad hollered for us to get down. My mom kept talking to my dad asking what was that, so my brother, and I got up a little to look my mom, and dad told us to get back down. We didn't see much I thought, but my brother did. He was three years older than me better at not getting caught. They talked after it was over about what they saw they thought we were sleeping, but we were listening. They saw a UFO, talked about never seeing anything like that. They even talked about going back home, but dad said no it would hurt us too much.Later as I got older I asked my mom, she told me people were standing outside their cars even. Later on she saw a few even. Then in 2000 on my husband and I started seeing them. My husband never believed in them before,but he sure does now. When we went to visit his family in Mexico he was telling his mom , and she had seen a few too... I believe we are visited, why wouldn't we be. We are not the only ones in the Universe. I also believe God created others besides ourselves. NOW they are finding other planets that look similar to ours. Astronauts are talking, I just think some Governments are so afraid we would panic, but times have changed we are willing, and knowledgeable, educated, well versed because of wonderful investigators such as yourself. I don't trust many, but you I do.Thank you for helping me too remember a wonderful experience with my family.


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