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"Gigantic, Silent Craft Flew Effortlessly, Right Over Our Heads" | 17th Anniversary of The Phoenix Lights

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"Gigantic, Silent Craft Flew Effortlessly Right Over Our Heads"

By Reader Submitted Report
The UFO Chronicles,
3-15-09 / 3-18-14

Editor's Note-March 13th is the anniversary of one of the most significant UFO events in history; The UFO Chronicles will underscore the event with various articles both past & present, throughout the month-FW

     I was standing outside of an apartment complex with a friend of mine waiting for his roommate to come home. The apartment complex was located near 48th St. and Baseline Rd. in a suburb of Phoenix called Ahwatukee and it was between the time of 9:30-10:30 pm.

We were standing outside just chit-chatting, when we started noticing what looked like something very large in the northern sky heading towards us still off in the distance. We didn't see a craft at first, only a formation of lights. We kept talking but at the same time keeping a close eye on this object that was heading nearer to us. I was only 19 years old at the time so I had very limited knowledge of UFO's or secret military planes for that matter, and it really didn't occur to me right away that this is what it could be.

As we talked and watched it get nearer, we could start to see just how massive this craft really was. We stopped all talking about other subjects, and our entire focus became locked in to this approaching object. The craft was moving completely silently, and due to it's size we remarked how weird it was we couldn't hear anything even though it was still some distance away. As it came even closer, we could start seeing how the sky was darkened out between these lights as well. It was definitely a solid object and not some other type of flying formation.

As it approached very near to us, all conversation between my friend and I stopped all together. We just stared straight up in the sky and watched as this gigantic, silent craft flew effortlessly right over our heads in a north to south direction. There were five lights around the edges of the craft that made up a triangular formation...Two on each side plus one in the center. They were all a glowing and radiating a white & amber color and did not appear like normal lights at all. The craft was so big that if I could've stretched out my arms above my head I still couldn't have covered the area it took up in the sky...It was that big!!! We just both watched completely awestruck as the craft flew over our head and disappeared over the horizon to the south.

WHen it was over, neither of us could believe what we just saw. We both had no doubt at that time that we had just witnessed a real UFO!!! Upon later reflection, I also found it ironic that neither of us were the least bit scared as we watched this craft fly directly over our heads. And through researching this event for many years now, I've found that this was not an isolated feeling. Almost every other witness I've talked too (I've talked with many) has reported that they felt a sense of calm/peace when the craft flew over head...As if it were done on purpose to let us know not to be afraid. I can assure you that I would FULLY expect myself to be in a full blown panic at any other time if I witnessed a UFO of this magnitude directly above me, but neither myself nor anybody I know reported feeling that way whatsoever.

I think it's the more lesser known phenomena regarding this event such as this that are the most significant. I have no doubt in my mind that this craft was extraterrestrial in origin, based off my inability to conceive that ANY government has access to this kind of technology to make a craft both so massive and completely silent. Since seeing this first UFO, I have now seen AT LEAST EIGHT other sightings right here in AZ. The last sighting my wife and I witnessed was on this last Friday March 12 at around 8pm at night. Most of the crafts we have witnessed have been right in my own backyard where we often frequent now trying to catch them on video. I finally caught my first sighting from this past new years eve on video and upped it to YouTube. But it was nowhere near as impressive as how it appeared to the naked eye...Cameras just cant do these objects justice!

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    Please stop the madness!!! Why do people get on here and other sites and report lies and fantasy........ why?


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