Thursday, February 13, 2014

Orange Dish Shaped Object Hovered in The Sky Near Bootawa Dam | UFO NEWS - Australia

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Orange Dish Shaped Object Hovered in The Sky Near Bootawa Dam 2-11-14

By Sam Brownrigg

     IN the early hours of Sunday morning Michael Murphy saw something in the sky that has altered the way he thinks. The orange dish shaped object hovered in the sky somewhere near Bootawa Dam and Michael said he was mesmerised.

"I thought I was watching a science fiction movie to be honest," said Michael who at first thought he was losing his mind. He has no explanation for what he saw, only that it was not a plane or like anything he has ever seen before. The unidentified flying object (UFO) hovered in the sky in front of Michael for approximately two minutes. There was an "illuminous mist" below the object that Michael said he could only compare to glitter.

Michael had been watching a poker tournament on television which finished at 1.30am. He then turned off the TV after a few minutes of channel surfing. "That's when I saw it," he said.

Michael was held captive by the visual experience until the object disappeared behind the tree line. He then tried to wake his partner Marianne but she was too sleepy. "If I had my time again I would have dragged her out of bed," said Michael who then jumped in his Ute at his Mondrook home and drove to nearby Brushy Cutting Lookout. He didn't see the object again and so drove home and rang 000. Taree Police rang him back within a few minutes and Michael gave his statement to the Police. "I was buzzing," said Michael who also confirmed he had not been drinking and wasn't taking any drugs. . . .

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