Friday, February 07, 2014

Huge UFO Hovered Over Terrified Motorist

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UFO Spotted Over Folkestone, UK  12-27-14

UFO spotted over Folkestone

By Antony Thrower

     A TERRIFIED motorist has spoken of the moment an unidentified object hovered over his car while he drove home at about 35 miles per hour.

The witness, named as Michael D, told a local website he had been riding home from a friend’s house when he spotted a “massive flying thing” in the sky above him. He eventually caught up with the unknown entity which started to hover above his head as he drove from Hawkinge towards Canterbury at about 1.50am on Monday, December 27.

The witness said: “I was riding along home from a mate’s house when I saw this massive thing flying in the sky.

“At first I thought it was a plane but as I rode along at 35mph, the object was going about the same speed as me or maybe a bit slower.

“I caught up with it and saw it had a green light on one side and red on the other, both flashing slowly with a dot of white underneath. It was as if it stopped over me but had no sound. I carried on trying not to look directly at it as I was kind of scared. . . .

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