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Lt Colonel Philip J. Corso Describes Alien Bodies; Budd Hopkins Takes Him To Task | VIDEO

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Lt Colonel Philip J. Corso at 1998 San Marino Conference

Philip Corso Interview with Budd Hopkins,
Filmed by Carol Rainey

By Kevin Randle
A Different Perspective

     Nearly everyone agrees that many of the tales told by Philip J. Corso are not grounded in reality. When challenged, he often backtracked, blamed his co-author, or said that he hadn’t seen the galleys (we call them page proofs now) of the book. In any case, he has little credibility… especially after the great switching of the Introduction caper (meaning that Strom Thurman wrote the introduction for a different book, and yes, I have even more evidence for that… In fact, in a document entitled Alien Source: The Roswell UFO Crash and Today’s Technological Miracles which was a proposal for his book The Day After Roswell, it said, “Sen. Strom Thurmond wrote a glowing introduction to Col. Corso’s first book, I Walked With Giants: My Career in Military Intelligence.” But, of course, there was no such book and the “glowing introduction” became part of The Day After Roswell. Bait and Switch? Probably more like there was no first book and they had a perfectly good introduction. Why get rid of it? Just put it in the other book. ).

Carol Rainey filmed an interview between Corso and Budd Hopkins made at one of the UFO conferences held at San Marino in 1998. Hopkins and Corso sat in the lobby, discussing what Budd thought of as some errors in the story told by Corso. He was concerned about the lack of corroborative witnesses and that few people were named. Budd wanted to be able to find some of those Corso allegedly hand bits of alien debris to so that he could verify the tale. Corso makes it clear that he was rarely, if ever (which means it wasn’t exactly clear) that he met with those scientists, engineers and industrialists. Someone else put the debris into their hands…

It is interesting to see how Corso deals with some tough questions. We have Carol to thank for this short glimpse into the tales told by Corso.

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  1. To bad he passed on before he explained, but as far as I'm concerned he did explain in this video. great Frank. I had wondered now this all makes since.


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