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Soviets Report Spaceship Landings, Alien Creatures | UFO CHRONICLE - 10/9/1989

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Soviets Report Spaceships Landing, Alien Creatures (pg 1) - Madison Capital Times 10-9-1989

Soviets Report Spaceships Landing, Alien Creatures (-cont) - Madison Capital Times 10-9-1989
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By Madison Capital Times

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  1. This is so fascinating if true.

  2. 'The creature, she said, had "only a small knob instead of a head".

    Ah explain's why she wasn't probed.

    Humour aside I'm periodic'ly prone t'various perceptual afflictions where blackboards/roads seem infinitely far away or the ground plunges/soars below/above me etc [the other day me brother seemed t'suddenly appear out o' thin air but when I ran the mental video tape back it seemed more like for a moment he was infinitely far away so tiny in fact I couldn't catch the details of 'im ent'rin' the room] an' I'm struck by various visual oddities in that report.

    Did the alien really have a huge upper body abnormally short legs an' a tiny head or was some sort o' visual distortion or perceptual warpin' process goin' on?

    Even if it was that wouldn't rule out another possibility the proportions might've been some sort o' semaphore to or from her nervous system try'n'o convey t'her info such as the creature she was dealin' with was of limited intellectual capacity perhaps a drone.

    Put it this way various ancient Gnostics might well've styled this interaction as an encounter between a pneumatic or *spiritually* perceptive type ie the girl an' a distinctly hylic or bodily base type ie the *alien*.


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