Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Mysterious UFO Captured on Security Cam Over Poole (UK) | VIDEO

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Mysterious UFO Captured on Security Cam Over Poole (UK)

UFO, lightning ball or Chinese Lantern? Mysterious light spotted over Poole on New Year's Eve

By The Daily Echo

      THIS mysterious light was captured on CCTV at 11.10pm last night by a Daily Echo reader.

There was lightning on the horizon at the time, but the reader said he did not think it was a Chinese Lantern - it could have been a lightning ball. . . .

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  1. In the video I noticed an atmosphere disturbance surrounding the Sphere of light, and considered the distortion as well as the Sphere, to both be a sort of bleed through effect of that Sphere traveling just outside our visual frequency range, there in a sister inner-dimensional reality .. putting not only Einstein theory of objects sharing the same space at work around us .. but whole inner-dimensional realities like our reality sharing the same ‘surface space’ of this planet with 2 other surface realities … each reality having it's own view of the overhead heavens and their own view of distant stars ..


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