Monday, January 13, 2014

Egg-Shaped Craft Spotted Over Dump Site | MY UFO EXPERIENCE

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Egg-Shaped Craft Spotted Over Dump Site

Reader Submitted Report

     Branford Ct.1985, night time after 9:00 PM.

This was my UFO Experience, not just my experience but the 4 of ours, in a 70s model Tornado. Gary Xxxxx driving; Frank Xxxx passenger front; myself behind him and Gary Xxxxxxxx in the back seat with me, parked at a place called "Cosgroves pit" facing the dump.

Frank in the front passenger seat yelled out "what the hell are those over the dump zipping back-and-forth"! Then before you know it one zipped over near us in less than a Second from half a mile away. It had every color of the rainbow on it, the bright colors were randomly mixed in a grid all the way around the whole egg shaped Craft. It was almost as though all of the colors melted together but we're separate at the same time. Very hard to explain as some of the colors were unearthly as it silently hovered at a 45 degree angle 50 to 60 ft.

Above us then like a flash over to the other 4 again that were zigzagging and communicating with laser type flashes of the same unearthly colors that the craft over the car was made of. We became quite freaked out when we saw these Maneuvers. Knowing that they were not from this planet, we started to leave fearing they would all come for us. I had that feeling for some reason, I just felt it.

As we were pealing out of there all of them came together as a bright white light we told Gary to turn around so we could see it. So he did and parked it on the loose gravel that the entrance to the pit was made of on a 30 degree angle that dropped into Cosgroves pit. the brightest light I've ever witnessed. Then dimmed and a beam of white light or laser of sort shone on the car.

We all just started freaking out and the stereo was going crazy.! The lights flashing then the car actually started up the gravel in reverse with the car in park and not running! The gears of the car were grinding and it was just pure nuts..!! Then it stopped and that was it.

Gary got it started and we got the hell out of there as fast as we could. I went to the police the next morning to report it, and the cops told me that everyone in that area were on drugs or something they're all seeing lights and alien ships and s**t. I was dismissed.

Being 16 yrs. old I couldn't have been very convincing of the story that was just told here on this forum. I can't say that I would have given me much credence. Anyway I'd be happy to take a polygraph. I have talked to Gary Xxxxx about this after all of this time he's still remembers it as I do. Very happy for that. Gary Xxxxxxxx has passed away, but not forgotten, my sister was with him for a while and I have a nephew named Gary Xxxxxxxx that's now a proud father himself. Frank Xxxx is on face book and I'm trying to get a hold of him to talk about this and see what his memory gives us.

Myself, I never stopped looking up at the day or night sky. In the last year I’ve obsessed with the Internet or anything to do with UFOs, alien discs, etc. My wife is not happy about it. This was as real as the planes in the sky's are real. I am not telling this for anything but the true story that they are out there zipping around our planet. I just hope they are good to us when the time comes that they make themselves real to the nonbeliever for our children's sake. Peace and good to you all. Thomas Xxxxxxxx.

PS. If you want to email me I'll be glad to get back to you for any reason. Thanks.

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