Thursday, January 02, 2014

California Crop Circle Mowed Down; Designed Explained | VIDEO

California Crop Circle Mowed Down

By Tom Watkins (CNN)

Braille transcriber says it was the number 192

California Crop Circle Mowed Down
      An elaborate crop circle sculpted into farmland two hours south of San Francisco is no more, having been mowed down to the dismay of hundreds who flocked to glimpse the unexplained site earlier this week.

On Tuesday afternoon, the intricate design etched into a field of barley was plowed back into the earth.

The property owner, farmer Scott Anthony, 58, ordered a crew to plow the field, CNN affiliate KSBW reported.

Debra Falanga, a crop circle enthusiast who "definitely believe(s) they are created by other-than-human-beings" -- said Wednesday she's disappointed that it wasn't kept intact so that people can "go in and experience the energy."

"When something unusual like this happens, why not let people experience it?" said Falanga, speculating the landowner wants his life "back to normal."

Still, during the short time it did exist, the crop circle attracted plenty of attention.

It was spotted Monday morning by Julie Belanger, a photographer, as she and her husband flew over in a helicopter.

"What is it?" was her first thought, she told KSBW.

Whatever it was, "it was beautiful, quite beautiful," she said, adding that they came upon it by chance. She said she was skeptical that the crop circle was evidence of something otherworldly. . . .

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