Thursday, January 02, 2014

Origin of California Crop Circle Revealed | VIDEO

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Witnesses Reveal Origin of Crop Circle

By Tom Watkins (CNN)

     . . . "Definitely pranksters," said Brandon Brooks of Chualar. "This is kind of a strange place to have anything out of the ordinary happen."

The latter theory got some support from Jim Gillott, who told KSBW that he had seen 20 to 30 people with ladders in the field in the days before the design was discovered.

And Jake Gain said he too had seen evidence that humans were involved.

"Every time I drove by, I saw them either parked over there," he said, pointing, "or people in the field just walking around, and it looked like they had little GPSes or something," he said. . . .

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  1. This is disinformation nonsense. Salinas gets UFO sightings all the time. That's unusual! I was visiting my brother when this happened. We drove one mile and I hopped a wire fence and saw the field. A goon quickly kicked me out. The barley was "exploded" at ends. I was stationed in England and have seen crop circles and it looked like exploded "nodes" in rapeseed.


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