Tuesday, November 05, 2013

UFO or A Stellar Prank in Vancouver? | VIDEO

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UFO or A Stellar Prank in Vancouver?

By x-small

     In what may be remembered as the most creative publicity stunt ever attempted by an educational institution, Vancouver’s H.R. MacMillan Space Centre hovered an unmanned drone aircraft above a minor league baseball stadium last month. The drone bore a resemblance to a 1950s sci-fi movie flying saucer. A spontaneous fan video posted on YouTube earned more than 200,000 views in a month and caused rapture in parts of the UFO-enthusiast community—at least until the hoax was revealed. It turns out that the prank at the Vancouver Canadians baseball game was one of a handful of drone strikes by MacMillan against the unsuspecting people of metro Vancouver. A press release from MacMillan came clean, “The goal of the faux UFO was to create a buzz about the new planetarium viewer experience at Vanier Park. The Planetarium Theatre at the Space Centre underwent a half million dollar upgrade this summer.”

Even excepting the spike in UFO interest caused by the pranksters at MacMillan, we are quietly witnessing a renaissance in UFO interest. . . .

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