Thursday, November 07, 2013

UFO 'Donut' Caught on ISS Live Video

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UFO 'Donut' Caught on ISS Live Video

By Tom Rose

      A strange, donut-shaped, transparent UFO was spotted in a video made from the NASA International Space Station (ISS) live stream on November 4.

What is it?

The video, posted to, lasts for about three hours. But it's around the 1:38:00 mark that the weird, ring-shaped unidentified flying object appears. After morphing into a crescent shape and changing colors for about five minutes, the object suddenly disappears from view.

The disappearance coincides with the ISS flying over the Terminator, the line separating day from night and clearly visible from space. Whoever made the video must have had a purpose. Were they aware that the object would appear during that time period?

Because the UFO changes shape and color, it doesn't seem to be a lens flare or any other object inside the space station casting a reflection on to the viewing window.

Also, the object appears to reflect sunlight and travels at a relative, constant distance from the ISS as well as maintaining a consistent speed.

So, what is it? . . .


  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but the "donut' is not a UFO. It is the out of focus secondary mirror on a cassegrain reflector telescope or telephoto lense. When focused at infinity the secondary vanishes, but if small sunlit flecks of ice are too close to the lense this optical effect appears. Someone must of flushed the toilet on the ISS.

  2. Me my daughter and her boyfriend seen something similar from the ground, no camera or telescope handy.


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