Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scientific Evidence of An Alien Artifact? | VIDEO

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Scientific Evidence of An Alien Artifact

Linda Moulton Howe Makes the Argument


Editor's note: In the following video clip, UFO personality, Linda Moulton Howe makes the argument that a “piece of metal” she received (apparently) 17 years ago was manufactured and not a product of nature. She states,
“Two scientists said to me, I think that was produced to resonate with magnetic fields, dynamic or static and this might have a clue as to how these craft [UFOs] turn into lifting bodies, which is an earth science term for neutralizing gravity. There’s not a single person, not a single lab that has been able to reproduce this. This is somebody’s highly structured technology.”FW
A shocking new exposé of the twentieth century’s extraterrestrial visitations (and cover-ups) by distinguished UFologist Timothy Good

This fascinating new volume tells the story of contact between aliens and humans from all across the globe, dating back to 1932, including meetings with military personnel and American presidents such as Eisenhower and Kennedy.

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