Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fleet of UFOs (Ovnis) Over Colombia | VIDEO

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Fleet of UFOs (Ovnis) Over Colombia 11-8-13

Crowd stops to watch fleet of UFOs over Colombia

By Jason McClellan

      A large crowd stopped to observe a fleet of UFOs in the sky above Pereira, Colombia on Friday, November 8.

A video of the event was uploaded to YouTube with the following brief [translated] description:
this happened about 5 pm
the day November 8, 2013
pereira sky was filled entirely white dots
. . . The video shows hundreds of bright orbs lazily drifting in the evening sky over Pereira. Next, the video cuts to a shot of pedestrians stopping to view the aerial objects. This back and forth between the orbs and the crowd of onlookers is repeated several times. But there is never a continuous shot of the crowd and the orbs. There is always an edited cut in between. This detail led some to suspect that the video could be a manufactured hoax. . . .

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