Monday, November 25, 2013

Mystery of the UFO Goes Unsolved

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UFO Over Green Lake, North Dakota

Mystery of the UFO goes unsolved, but memories stay clear

By Bill Vossler

     . . . The incident at the lake that summer after my junior year in college is burned in my memory.

Wayne, my eighth-grader brother, was peering into his telescope again. He said, “Billy, look at this! Look!”


“Something odd!”

So I looked into the lens. And saw a distant object hovering in the sky east of town. “Helicopter?” I guessed.

“No rotors.”

At my next look, the distant object turned, and I saw a kite-shaped object with flashing lights around its perimeter, different colors cascading along each edge — red, blue, yellow, green — with a thick tube hanging beneath it. . . .

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