Friday, November 01, 2013

Air Force Investigation into UFOs – Vintage Interview | Project Blue Book | VIDEO - 1966

Interview with Lt Col Lawrence J. Tacker and Maj Hector Quintanilla Re Project Blue Book - 1966

Project Blue Book: Spotting UFOs in the Film Record

By Audrey Amidon
Media Matters / National Archives

     . . . toward the end of the Project Blue Book investigation, clearer goals and data are set out by Air Force spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Tacker (who, himself wrote a book called Flying Saucers and the U.S. Air Force) and Major Hector Quintanilla, who led Project Blue Book from 1963 until the investigation’s cancellation in 1970.

According to Major Quintanilla, there were two defined goals of Project Blue Book. The first was to determine if the reported UFOs were a threat to national security. Secondly, the Air Force wanted to analyze the sightings to find evidence of technology that could lead to useful research and development.

By this point, more than fourteen years into Project Blue Book, Quintanilla reported 10,000 sightings, with 646 that were truly unexplained. Major Quintanilla also emphasized that Project Blue Book was a completely unclassified investigation and that all information was available and open for journalists to request (this is true, although all reports have names redacted for privacy reasons). . . .

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