Friday, November 01, 2013

Woman Recounts Being Taken Aboard Flying Saucer | VIDEO

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Woman Recounts Being Taken Aboard Flying Saucer

Did you see a UFO over Meadowbrook Road?

By Lonnie Huhman

Former Novi resident remembers 1960's incident

    Nancy Tremaine remembers seeing the flying saucer over Borchart Street, and then she remembers running toward her home on Meadowbrook Road.

However, it’s after that summer night in the early 1960s when things took a turn for the former Novi resident. The sighting would go on to impact the rest of her life and now she’s looking for some answers.

“It was a very traumatizing experience that stayed with me,” she said of the incident when she was 12-years-old and saw what appeared to be a UFO floating over Novi.

Tremaine said she was taken up into the craft. She doesn’t remember much, but it has been coming back to her lately.

In recent years, she has gone through regression therapy and has sifted through years of forgotten memories with the help of Dr. Harry Willnus, a UFO researcher who said this story is similar to many others.

Now she is seeking out answers and other witnesses to the UFO sighting. Some might think she was imagining it or making this up, but she stands by her account.

“I’m not a liar and I’m not afraid anymore,” Tremaine said during a recent visit to the place where it all happened.

Although he didn’t see the UFO, former Novi Police Chief Lee Begole, 93, is one such witness. . . .

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