Friday, October 18, 2013

What Does the NSA Know about The UFO-Cover-up Whistleblowership?

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What Does the NSA Know about The UFO-Cover-up Whistleblowership?

What Does the NSA Know (and When/How Did It Know It) about UFO-Cover-up Whistleblowership? (Item 2.159)

By Larry W. Bryant

     When veteran UFO researcher Robert L. Hastings acted on his hunch that someone in the inner sanctum of the U. S. National Security Agency has been intercepting and processing some of his electronic communications with certain UFO-cover-up whistleblowers, he in no way expected to receive a prompt reply to his U. S. Privacy Act request of July 26, 2013, much less a reply declaring, e.g., “Hey, guy!

Enclosed is a photocopy of the entire NSA dossier on your activities/associations/motivations — which is cheerfully furnished to you free of any redactions or other encumbrances; we appreciate this opportunity to encourage your further efforts at exposing and ending the worldwide cover-up of the UFO-E.T. experience.” Well, Hastings’s expectation remains intact. His receipt of an Aug. 20, 2013, three-page, form-letterese kiss-off reply from NSA headquarters’s freedom-of-information chief Pamela N. Phillips confirms the Agency’s bunkerlike mind-set against any citizen curious to learn what records are being accumulated (and why), therein, about his/her First Amendment/Fourth Amendment-protected speech. Ms. Phillips’s summary denial of Hastings’s request impermissibly relies not upon certain exemptions within the Privacy Act but upon several FOIA exemptions (including the one pertaining to exposure of intelligence-gathering methods and sources).

As you ponder Hastings’s appeal letter of Oct. 15, 2013 (quoted below), ask yourself this question: where is the Ultimate UFO-cover-up Whistleblower, and when will (s)he blow the whistle so loudly as to crumble the walls of UFO secrecy throughout the intelligence community? Remember: Leaked evidence fuels the FOIA/PA reactor.

TO: NSA/CSS FOIA Appeal Authority (DJ4)
U. S. National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road
Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755

FROM: Robert L. Hastings
P. O. Box 62
Villa Grove, CO 81155

DATE: October 15, 2013

1. Reference: Your employee Pamela N. Phillips’s Aug. 20, 2013, letter to me by which she denies me access to any and all NSA-accumulated records sought by my PRIVACY Act request of July 26,

2. Ms. Phillips’s denial unjustifiably invokes FOIA-disclosure exemptions inapplicable to the provisions of the U. S. Privacy Act (except as applied to the CIA) — especially as applied to any official surveillance of my First Amendment-protected activity and to the disadvantage of UFO-cover-up whistleblowers. Her choosing to process my PA request as a FOIA request thus becomes a red herring to divert my exercise of all my PA rights (including the right to amend any incorrect material affecting my privacy interests). Her miscalculation not only raises questions of unsavory conduct; it also calls forth the history of the Watergate cover-up, in which culpable officials indulged in fraudulent concealment of their wrongdoing.

3. Ms. Phillips’s denial abets the NSA’s fraudulent concealment by wantonly nullifying the Privacy Act’s provisions that help protect me and my current and future whistleblower sources from unwarranted
invasion of privacy by any federal communications-surveillance program. Blowing the whistle on any federal cover-up of UFO reality is no crime; rather, it’s a public service and demands our freedom from official interference by government entities under the guise of antiterrorism or anti-espionage. No U. S. statute trumps our right to be let alone in our pursuit of official UFO truth and accountability. Indeed, the Privacy Act promotes and protects that right. Hence, Ms. Phillips’s denial of my PA request impedes my current/future cultivation of UFO-cover-up whistleblowership, infringes upon my privacy interests, and makes a mockery of your compliance with the spirit and letter of the Privacy Act.

4. I therefore ask that you reverse Ms. Phillips’s denial by granting this appeal as soon as possible; please direct her to conduct a thorough PA records search of all NSA systems of records open to access via such personal identifiers as name, Social Security number, e-address, telephone number, etc. — starting with (a) NSA Operations files, and (b) NSA Office of Inspector General Investigation and
Complaint files.

5. Your granting this appeal can help restore public trust in the integrity and accountability of your agency.


Author of UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites
LARRY W. BRYANT, a resident of Newport News, Va., focuses his research and writing efforts on national-security affairs (including information-access matters and First Amendment jurisprudence). If you Google-ize his name (even were you to write it as: larrywbryant), you'll find enough background information to satisfy almost anyone's curiosity about his activities, associations, and achievements.

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