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Russia Unveils Monument To Aliens (2011) | VIDEO

Russia Unveils Monument To Aliens (2011)

By Andy Potts
Moscow News

Editor's note: This article (and accompanying video) was originally published in 2011–FW

      The Russian village of Molebka, deep in Perm Region in the northern Urals, is a renowned center of UFO activity.

While more recent tales of extra-terrestrial visits have come from Vladivostok and even – bizarrely – the former governor of Kalmykia, it is the legendary tales of Roswell-style incidents which have made the so-called Perm Anomalous Zone a mecca for UFOlogists.

And now the rumored visitors from afar have been commemorated in the country’s first monument to extra-terrestrials.

Lone visitor

The statue, which is 1.8 meters tall, shows a wooden alien apparently trying to get his bearings on an unfamiliar planet.

It was created by local woodcarver Viktor Sazanov and has been welcomed by Russia’s leading UFOlogist Nikolai Subbotin.

“This is a personification of the identity of the Molebka zone,” he said.

And it’s only the first step to understanding what else might be out there – Subbotin hopes to open a museum and develop closer ties with other similar anomalous zones.

Close encounters?

The anomalous zone, sometimes called the M-s triangle, first came to light in 1989 and covers an area of 70 square kilometers around the village of Molebka.

Observers say it is a hotspot of interplanetary activity, with countless UFO sightings and even landings reported, Itar-Tass reported.

Some researchers claim that parts of the zone have no natural magnetic field; others claim that there is a “healing energy” to be felt in the area. Many witnesses have spoken of “energy balls”, colored lightning and fuzzy humanoid figures. . . .

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