Monday, October 21, 2013

Strange UFO Light Ball Lands in Town Center – Akureyri, Iceland | VIDEO

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Strange UFO Light Ball Lands in Town Center – Akureyri, Iceland

Watch UFO fall from the sky over the town of Akureyri in Iceland

By Chris Richards

Bizarre footage of a UFO falling from the heavens has been posted on the internet.

In a 43 second clip uploaded to YouTube, a strange fiery object can be seen slowly descending from the sky.

The unidentified mass, which looks like some sort of fireball, falls towards a settlement, identified as Akureyri in Iceland.

As a handful of cars drive along the road in the foreground the object continues its inexorable descent.

It ultimately disappears from view behind some houses, leaving the person behind the camera alone to ponder what they have just seen. . . .


  1. Very good simulation of some of the slowly rolling tumbling fireballs we've been seeing lately but unlike them there's no surge of blinding light no shadows lengthening and contracting as they rotate like second fingers round the face of a clock nor the slightest other hint of night/early evening momentarily turning into day.

    I also can't seem to find any Icelandic news reports corresponding to this.

    1. All in the world I could see was the sun setting.

    2. Since when does the sun set in the town?


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