Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Self-Proclaimed 'Alien Abductee' Answers Ten Questions | INTERVIEW

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Jim Ledwith

10 Questions for ‘UFOlogist’ Jim Ledwith


     Jim Ledwith is a real estate broker by profession, a “UFOlogist” by passion. He has a lifelong interest in unidentified flying objects, extraterrestrials and other unknowns of the outer dimensions. At 68, he is a passionate lecturer and researcher dedicated to educating the public about the world beyond.

What inspired your interest in UFOs and ETs? I’ve always had this passion and this drive. I didn’t know what it was but I was totally fascinated. (As a young boy) I had already been abducted.

Were you abducted just once? I, like millions of others, have been taken. First as a child on Long Island, then four or five years ago from this house (in a secluded area of east Sonoma). There were two in the hallway around 2 a.m. The larger one was 4 feet and the smaller one was about 3½-feet. They were standard extraterrestrials.

Had you been drinking or perhaps dreaming? No. And I never sleepwalk. They were looking for me and I probably sensed them. I can theorize they were coming to get me.

What happened next? I ran away, not toward them. It’s called fright flight. The next thing I remember I was sitting on the edge of my bed two hours later.

Are you absolutely convinced UFOs and ETs exist?
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