Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Alleged 'Alien Abductions' Lambasted By Paul Barry, Host of Australia's Media Watch

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Alleged 'Alien Abduction' Lambasted By Paul Barry, Host of Australia's Media Watch

Facts abducted by aliens at NT News

By www.abc.net.au

      Hello I’m Paul Barry, welcome to Media Watch.

And it seems all is not well in the Top End of Australia.

As Darwin’s NT News warned us two weeks ago in a story accompanying that front page ALIEN ALERT:

The Northern Territory is famous for its UFO activity especially in the dry season which brings clear skies and alien sightings every year ... particularly in the NT News.

But the abduction of Territorians for breeding purposes is a disturbing new development:
Mr Ferguson said many abductees recalled lying on a table under bright lights during their time on motherships.

“Some remember being dazed and seeing entities in little grey suits walking around them.”

— NT News, 10th October, 2013
UFOlogist Alan Ferguson told the NT News he’d talked to several of these abductees about their alien experience. . . .

. . . But on this occasion the UFOlogist is not happy.

On his blog UFO Territory last week he claimed he had been misquoted about the starfish probe and about the entities in grey suits— which the NT News denies —and that he had been made to look like a fool. . . .

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