Tuesday, October 29, 2013

UFO Calls To Hertfordshire Police Department Revealed

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UFO Calls To Hertfordshire Police Department

By www.hertfordshiremercury.co.uk

     DOZENS of reports have been made to police over the past five years claiming UFOs have been spotted across Hertfordshire.

Since 2009, Herts police has logged 27 phone calls and front desk inquiries describing supposed UFO activity.

And the Mercury has obtained the logs detailing the reports, following a Freedom of Information request.

This year, only two “sightings” were passed on to police – both in the past two months.

One of them, recorded on September 2, says: “There is a UFO in the sky,” while another from October 1 simply states “UFOs in the sky”.

It was a busier year in 2011, when nine calls and face-to-face reports were received from people mentioning UFOs – including one of a spacecraft “going over house”.

There were seven in 2009, as well as in 2010, and two in 2012.

Some of the logs go into more detail about the supposed extra terrestrial activity.

One, received in 2009, says: “I think I have seen a UFO – it has passed over our heads twice this evening, its high up and not making any noise, its just a steady light and the light looks bigger than an aeroplane lane travelling in a straight line N/E direction (sic).”

Another reads: “I am in the aviation business and I am not a prank and havent been drinking, has there been any sightings of UFOs because I have just seen one, very large orange ball, disappeared and re appeared gained height, flipped over (sic).” . . .

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