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UFOs Captured on Night Vision Over Germany | VIDEO

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UFOs Captured on Night Vision Over Germany 9-18-13

Lee Speigel By Lee Speigel
The Huffington Post

     Three UFOs were videotaped over Wittenberge, Germany, on the night of Sept. 18, and reportedly clearly captured on a camera using full zoom and night sight capability.

While the person who came up with the video remains anonymous, the video was posted online by UFOFilesTV, which describes itself as "a new kind of UFO agency on YouTube. Our goal is to upload real UFO sightings because with today's modern computer technology, you can fake many things."

Clearly visible in the video are three objects, two of which are triangular-shaped and the third object is circular. As they move in relation with each other, the two triangles appear to individually rotate, and when they first approach each other, they seem to be repelled, as if they are opposite ends of a magnet or the way objects in early video games used to "bounce" away from each other.

The video has no clearly defind reference points, like the appearance of ground, trees, hills, buildings and, even, stars. At the end of the video -- and to the apparent surprise of the videographer -- one of the triangles takes off at incredible speed.

Is this a legitimate night vision video showing unexplained objects in the sky? Just because someone claims that night vision equipment was used to produce evidence of unknown aircraft, does that mean we should accept it as fact? . . .

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  1. Using the extremely crude method of starting then immdiately pausing the video round the 1:03 mark over and over again it's possible to see the leftmost craft apparently vent a puff of heat just before both seem to zoom off.

    What makes me squeamish about that though's the other craft doesn't seem to vent heat at all yet after a tiny pause it either accelerates after the other craft and immediately catches up with it or it quite simply disappears off screen.

    If one crafts needs to fire up its engines why doesn't the other? Besides which don't stealth fighters bombers etc cloak their exhaust discharges so isn't this a bit retro for a hypothetical alien spaceship?

    I've no problem with the way they seem to hover on the spot though because me an' a bunch of other kids saw one of these flying triangles soundlessly an' utterly motionlessly hover over us for something like twenty minutes during the very early Seventies. In fact it was so devoid of activity we all went off to get something to eat for half an hour convinced it'd still be there when we got back but it wasn't.

    Saying that their distribution on screen with a hint on rotation on the spot's eerily reminiscent of the old green screen game Meteors hinting at someone taking the piss so if this turned out to be a hoax I wouldn't be surprised in the least.


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