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Spanish UFO Event & U.S. Wanaque Dam Sightings Curiously Similar

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Spanish UFO Event & U.S. Wanaque Dam Sightings Curiously Similar

By Jose Antonio Caravaca
The UFO Iconoclast(s)

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provided this UFO sighting, which seems very much like the 1966 Wanaque UFO events that Anthony Bragalia has extensively researched.

     About 00:30 pm on March 27,1970, in a solitary area of the province of Cáceres (Spain). Nicolas Santos, was returning home when he observed a light in the sky.

Approaching, he confirmed that it was a huge disc, measuring approximately 12-15 meters in diameter and 2.5 to 3 meters tall.

The apparatus was illuminated from within, and an orange light shone outside some square slits located in the bottom of disc. It provided a reddish halo.

He could make out, at the top, a turret topped by a rotating beacon that gave off the same orange light.

The artifact flew silently and slowly.

The witness was about 100 meters away from the UFO, which was flying at 265 meters high.

The artifact flew across the town of Guijos, and arrived at Chinarral, near a dam, and stopped in the air.

From the bottom of the UFO emerged powerful, yellow-green lights (10 or 12) that searched the ground.

The lights appeared to be solid.

After a few minutes, the lights went out, the bright haloed effect came back and the UFO continued its flight, stopping from time to time. The experience lasted for over an hour.

Nicolás Santos decided to go to a friend's house, the doctor, Jesus Martin, who lived in Guijos of Granadilla, to have him help search for the UFO.

When they found it, it was stopped about 15 kilometers away and still shining

The witnesses made a sign with the car lights and received as a very powerful response of a white/orange colored beam from the UFO.

The witnesses repeated their signaling, but the UFO no longer responded.

About 2:00 am in the morning, the object moved away.

The researcher Pedror M. Fernandez found that the dam suffered and electrical malfunction that night.

Furthermore, a Spanish ufologist indicated that “he could determine the flight of the object over the dam Gabriel y Galán, because the UFO had, allegedly, caused a rare disease in various animals of Guijos de Granadilla. But that section of research stumbled because the disease allegation was systematically denied. "

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