Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mexican Media Recalls Mass UFO Sighting of 1977

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El Cine Mexicano Logra Captar El Desplazamiento De 3 Ovnis - El Nacional 8-4-1977

UFOs captured during filming of Mexican film

By Jorge Moreno

At dawn on July 29, 1977 many people on land as well as aircraft crews witnessed the sighting.

      MERIDA, Yucatan. - One of the most famous UFO cases around the country has been the spaceships that were incidentally captured by cameramen who were filming a movie. At dawn on July 29, 1977, dozens of people in the federal district could see three lights flying at high speed, which flew from south to north.

That was the first report of the sighting. Also Mexican workers on top of a building reported seeing the UFOs.

It is noteworthy that newspapers/magazines monitored the case, from inception to completion alleging "Alien Contacts" and "Doubt."

Also known, almost 90% of Mexicans at that time are on the way to work, and taking into account the size of Mexico City, the number of witnesses to the UFOs on July 29, would most likely be at least in the hundreds.

From the airport, which for years has been the nerve center of observation and monitoring of the Mexico Valley area—that morning was no exception. According to a report, the Commander of the Airport was put on notice of the UFO events over Mexico City.

What They Saw

But what did people see, exactly? 99% of the witnesses claimed to have seen three silver glowing spheres; they were moving very fast in the sky and left behind a kind of wake.

For the witnesses to the phenomenon, it was clear that what they observed was not a plane or a helicopter, or a meteor, much less a Russian booster rocket as a skeptic proclaimed.

It’s important to note that UFO activity took place not only within the city and its surroundings; UFO sightings were reported throughout that week and before in other areas. Several newspapers reported that on other days there were similar reports in Cordoba, Veracruz.

The additional reports indicated that there were a total of “7 UFOs” which left a luminous trail. Local residents first indicated that there were three, but later joined by four more.

. . . Within the history of the UFO phenomenon, never before have so many written and broadcast so much time and space on the subject. Even the Television newscast Hoy Mismo hosted by Guillermo covered the events (before internet or social networks).

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