Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Colonial UFO Sighting (1790): "It Ascended ... and Flew Over the Hill"

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By Cheryl Costa

     It was a clear summer evening in 1790. A settler in New York’s Schoharie County was sitting on the porch of his dwelling playing his fiddle. About 9 p.m., a bright shining light appeared in the northern sky with a great roar. He indicates that it grew in intensity until it would have outshown the noonday sun. The resident remarked that the light was so bright that he could have “… picked up pins in every corner.”

The German colonist said he saw what appeared to be a meteor passing west of him at a distance of about 250 yards and about 65 feet above the ground. He states that it kept close to the ground on the other side of the hollow. As the object moved over the countryside, it met with a rise of tall trees and as it did, it rose above them and continued on with the speed of galloping horse. When the object came upon the foot of a noted hill that the Indians called “Owelus Sowless,” it ascended as the ground rose and flew over the hill. The settler said that’s where he lost sight of it. . . .

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  1. "It Ascended ... and Flew Over the Hill".

    Which one Betty or Barney?

    ...sorry couldn't resist.

    Sounds like it might've been a meteor which's entered the atmosphere horizontally creating a heat cushion below itself which's allowed it to glide over prominences and dips in the terrain a bit like a hover craft.


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