Friday, August 23, 2013

Fremont Police Solve UFO Mystery | UFO NEWS

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Fremont Police Solve UFO Mystery - August 2013

UFO was a remote-controlled helicopter


     FREMONT — The unidentified flying object a resident reported seeing on Stone and Napoleon streets this week was not piloted by aliens, police said.

The UFO was a remote-controlled helicopter an Everett Road man had been flying at night this week, said Capt. Jim White of the Fremont Police Department.

Officer Lester Daniels, who investigated the incidents, received an anonymous tip on Tuesday that the Everett Road man’s helicopter likely was the UFO, according to Fremont police reports.

The person who reported the UFO sightings — his name and address were not listed on police reports — said the UFO had red and green pulsating lights, moved at fast speeds and at times hovered abruptly, according to Fremont police reports.

The helicopter had green and red pulsating lights. Police took pictures of the device after meeting with the Everett Road man and showed it to the man who reported the UFO sightings, White said.

The man confirmed it was the object he had seen in the sky. . . .

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