Friday, August 23, 2013

Taj Mahal UFO Video Detracts From Indian Army UFO Sightings | VIDEO

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Taj Mahal UFO Video Detracts From Indian Army UFO Sightings

By Jason McClellan

      The Inquisitr published a story titled “UFOs Over The Taj Mahal Next? Indian Army Reports Sightings” on Sunday, August 18. This story includes a video showing an unidentified aerial object in the sky near the Taj Mahal. MSN suggests the object in this video is nothing but a “bug on the camera screen.” But the object in the video remains fixed in the sky, rather than moving with the camera as it pans, as it would if the object were simply a bug on the lens.

The bug theory is plausible if the video was shot from behind a window. Some suggest the odd, glitchy movement of the UFO at the beginning of the video is an indication that the object was added to the video digitally. This object is notably sharper and more in focus than anything else in the video, indicating that it is either very close to the lens (like a bug), or it was added digitally.

Regardless of what the video shows in the sky near the Taj Mahal, the Inquisitr‘s inclusion of this video in an article about a recent wave of UFO sightings by the Indian army is misleading and unfortunate. Aside from its title, the Inquisitr article makes no mention of the Taj Mahal UFO video. But this confusing combination led to an MSN article with the subtitle, “Did Indian troops see a UFO above the Taj Mahal?” Although the MSN article mostly understood that the two have nothing to do with each other, it’s unfortunate to see that, and other stories, grouping this mundane (and potentially hoaxed) video with a fascinating UFO sighting case involving military personnel. . . .

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